The Visitation in the Hills of Judea“The slopes and trees of Nazareth
are here in Judah’s hills,
a sight familiar,
as is she
whom I have come to see

“With Child, as I,
we share a single joy,
in laughter and in tears;
in silent wonder.

“She honours me,
this Hanna of another age,
and yet it is not we
who marvel at each other:
it is the child who greets the Child!

“He leaps with joy within her womb,
to sense the presence of the Chosen One.
Who lives in me.
And, wonder of all wonders,
I in Him!

David Andrews-Brown is an English freelance writer and broadcaster with extensive media experience in The Netherlands, South Africa, and Israel. At the end of 2011 he returned to France following 18 months in Jerusalem as a video journalist, narrator and translator with the Franciscan Media Center (now the Christian Media Center).

FaLang translation system by Faboba