• The Blessed Trinity

    Icon of the Blessed Trinity (Ruvlin)The Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian faith. The term describes the inner life of God, who is an eternal communion of Persons and a Family whose life is love. Is the concept of the Trinity a Christian invention, derived from Greco-Roman pagan ideas? Or do we already find hints of the Trinity in the Hebrew Bible and in Jewish sources?

  • The Trinity in Ten Steps

    Icon of the Blessed TrinityThe Trinity is a distinctively Christian idea, but it articulates the concept of G-d implicit in  the Jewish as well as the Catholic experience of G-d, for Jews, like Catholics, know G-d as Father (Source), as Son (Shekhinah), and as the Holy Spirit (His Love).

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Although the Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life,” many Catholics are unfamiliar with its rich Old Testament and Jewish background. In this article, we will look at four aspects of this background: the king-priest Melchizedek, the Passover, the manna, and the bread of the Presence.

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One warm summer day, a wise tortoise met a young hare who seemed to be in a great hurry. The hare told him: "Would you like to be my friend? Come with me. Let's travel together and go on a great adventure." The tortoise, a bit surprised at such enthusiasm, only hesitated for a moment before answering in good faith: "Sure, with pleasure!"

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Beloved one and friend, jittering, I called you. In my very hometown, I sought your face and found you. You asked me, and I came, at no small risk, with trembling. A tender heart aflame, open to you and trusting.