The Legacy of Judaism

Please pray for us!

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16)

We need your prayers!
Catholics for Israel needs your prayers!
The Church in Israel needs your prayers!
The Jewish people need your prayers!
Israel needs your prayers!
The world needs your prayers!

Even if you are unable to help us financially, you can support our work by your prayers!  The needs, challenges and difficulties of the work of the Church in the Holy Land seem at times overwhelming, and they cannot be sustained by human strength and wisdom alone.  Your prayers are crucial to this important apostolate; they can be instrumental in releasing God’s power and grace, and in bringing forth rich fruit for the Kingdom of God among God’s chosen people and in Israel.  Only with your help can we make a real difference and touch the lives of the people of the Holy Land with God’s grace and light!

Please pray:

  • for a deeper conversion of all Christians in the Holy Land to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, particularly the clergy; and greater love for Him and faithfulness to His Word;
  • that the Lord would grant humility, clarity, strength and courage to the Christian leadership and clergy in Israel so that they may boldly witness to the Gospel in words and deeds;
  • that the work of the Gospel in Israel would not be hindered or paralyzed by fear and intimidation, political correctness and political allegiances, “false irenicism” and religious relativism that would pretend that all religions are equally valid ways to God and weaken the Church’s mission of evangelization;
  • for the unity of all Christians and Messianic believers in Israel, that all may be reconciled and united in faith, hope and charity and return to a common sharing of the Eucharist in communion with the Chair of Peter;
  • that Christians would repent from all acts, words, and attitudes of anti-Semitism held in the past and regrettably still held today;
  • that Christians (and particularly Catholics) would come to a greater understanding and love for the land and people of Israel and their prophetic role in God’s plan of salvation;
  • for stronger bonds of friendship between Jews and Christians;
  • for the protection of the nation and people of Israel as they come under increasing pressure from enemies committed to their destruction;
  • that the State of Israel would humbly turn to God for protection and deliverance rather than trust in its military strength;
  • for conversion and repentance of the Israeli and Palestinian people from the grave sins afflicting their societies, such as violence and hatred, corruption and dishonesty, discrimination and injustice, promiscuity, prostitution, pornography, abortion and homosexuality;
  • for the healing of those many Israelis and Palestinians who have been wounded and scarred by the conflict;
  • for the strengthening of the Palestinian Christians, that their faith may remain strong as they face increasing Muslim intimidation and persecution;
  • that Muslims may encounter the risen Christ to find forgiveness and salvation, and be freed from hatred against Israel and against the Jewish people;
  • for peace and reconciliation between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land;
  • for wisdom, vision, people, resources and finances for the apostolate and work of Catholics for Israel;
  • that the Jewish People would recognize their Messiah and come to the fullness of redemption and salvation, in accordance with the payer of the Church:

“Let us also pray for the Jews: That our God and Lord may illuminate their hearts, that they acknowledge Jesus Christ is the Savior of all men.  Almighty and eternal God, who want that all men be saved and come to the recognition of the truth, propitiously grant that even as the fullness of the peoples enters Thy Church, all Israel be saved. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.”  (Good Friday Prayer for the Jewish People, Tridentine Rite)

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