Bibliography and References 

This is a general bibliography of titles related to the Catholic faith, to Judaism, and to the relationship between Israel and the Church.

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The bibliography includes the main sources that were used to build the online course. This list is far from comprehensive or complete; it merely represents a list of most authoritative and important documents, along with some personal favorites that helped shape our website.

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The primary, most recommended and ultimate source of divine revelation is of course the Bible, closely followed by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the authoritative interpretation of Sacred Scripture as preserved in the Tradition of the Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Online Resources - Magisterial Documents

Catechesis (studying the Catholic faith)

Catechesis (teaching the Catholic faith)

Marriage and the Family

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Offline Resources


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Catholic Apologetics

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Christian Apologetics

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Church Fathers

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Jewish Roots, Jewish-Christian Relations, Israel and the Church

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Jews and Jesus: Jewish Christians, Messianic Jews, Hebrew Catholics, Catholics Jews...

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Liturgy and Sacraments

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Marriage and the Family

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Mary and the Saints

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Salvation History

  • Scott Hahn, A Father Who Keeps His Promises (Ann Arbor: Servant, 1998).

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