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Written on 12/08/2009 by Mark Neugebauer
messianic-and-catholicHaving been raised in a Conservative Jewish home in suburban Toronto, I was a regular attendee at synagogue on Sabbaths and High Holidays. My father is a Holocaust survivor from Poland and my mother’s family escaped the pogroms in Russia. Both settled...
Written on 04/12/2007 by David G. Dalin
john-paul-ii-and-the-jewsMore than any other pope, John Paul II was the twentieth century’s greatest papal friend and supporter of the Jewish people. Indeed, John Paul II’s extraordinary relationship with the Jews was an important chapter in the historic legacy of his...

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24/01/2018 Catholics for Israel
si-je-t-oublie-o-jerusalem« Catholiques Pour Israël » prend note et se réjouit de la décision du Président Donald Trump de reconnaître Jérusalem comme capitale d’Israël et d’y transférer l’Ambassade Américaine.
20/05/2017 Michael Wyschogrod
israel-the-church-and-electionGod has tied His saving and redemptive concern for the welfare of all men to His love for the people of Israel. Only those who love the people of Israel can love the God of Israel. Israel is thus God's first-born, most precious in His eyes.
09/04/2017 André Villeneuve
la-reponse-catholique-a-l-islamCet article examine la réponse catholique à la croissance de l'Islam dans le monde occidental à la lumière de la vision de l'Église concernant le dialogue interreligieux et l'évangélisation. L'Église Catholique a-t-elle une stratégie cohérente par rapport à l'Islam? Cette...
25/03/2017 Catholics for Israel
the-613-mitzvot-jewish-commandmentsAccording to Jewish tradition, God gave 613 mitzvot (commandments) to Israel. 271 of these commandments can still be observed today. Check out our dynamic table of mitzvot, sortable according to the classification of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah and Sefer Hamitzvot) and the Chafetz...
11/01/2017 André Villeneuve
pourquoi-tout-catholique-devrait-apprendre-l-hebreuQuand Dieu s’adressa à l’homme dans sa langue et prononça Sa Parole Eternelle pour la première fois, il le fit en hébreu. Et pourtant on constate souvent dans les institutions Catholiques une prépondérance d’intérêt pour le Latin et le Grec au détriment de l’hébreu. Pourquoi ce...
14/08/2016 André Villeneuve
feasts-of-israel-foreshadowing-the-messiahThe Feasts of Israel recall God's deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt and his care for them during the Exodus. But the feasts also foreshadow God's salvation plan for humanity in Christ. This essay examines the significance of these feasts for Jews, as well as their...
13/06/2016 Dr. Norman Lamm
judaism-and-the-modern-attitude-to-homosexualityIn remaining true to the sources of Jewish tradition, Jews are commanded to avoid the madness that seizes society at various times and in many forms, while yet retaining a moral composure and psychological equilibrium sufficient to exercise that combination of discipline and...
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