Written on 07/11/2011 by Catholics for Israel
israel-palestine-when-the-map-liesPerhaps you have seen this map before, which claims to illustrate the "Palestinian loss of land" from 1946 to 2000. The problem is that it completely misrepresents the recent history of Palestine-Israel.
Written on 29/11/2010 by Yochanan Ben-Daniel
catholics-for-palestine-a-catholics-for-israelIn the Catholic Church, disagreements are commonplace over a whole range of issues, be they political, social, economic, religious or historical, but at the end of the day these differences of opinion can be resolved through amicable discussion, prayer...

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01/08/2015 Ariel Ben Ami
the-origins-and-development-of-nostra-aetateMany today are unaware of the tumultuous history of the Declaration Nostra Aetate and how it was initially intended to exclusively address the relationship of the Church with the Jewish people. This paper examines the origins and development of the Declaration on the Jews...
30/07/2015 Br. Tilbert Moser
the-biblical-alternative-to-the-two-state-solutionBr. Tilbert Moser proposes a biblical alternative to the Two-State Solution and Vatican recognition of the Palestinian State. (German only)
27/07/2015 Fr. Peter Hocken
confronting-past-injusticeSince the inception of the Toward Jerusalem Council II initiative, the involvement of Catholics has been a stumbling block for many – both Evangelical Christians with no love for Rome and Messianic Jews who are very conscious of the sufferings of the Jewish people at the hands...
07/11/2014 Ariel Ben Ami
catholic-messianic-judaismMay we come together to the fullness of that unity in the “one new man” where Messianic Jewish Catholics continue to testify to the faithfulness of the God of Israel in the covenant of circumcision and their commemoration of the Sabbath, and where both Jewish and Gentile...
27/09/2014 Raymond Ibrahim
are-judaism-and-christianity-as-violent-as-islamBased on countless Qur'anic verses and oral traditions attributed to Muhammad, Islam's learned officials, sheikhs, muftis, and imams throughout the ages have all reached consensus—binding on the entire Muslim community—that Islam is to be at perpetual war with the non-Muslim...
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