Written on 04/12/2007 by David G. Dalin
john-paul-ii-and-the-jewsMore than any other pope, John Paul II was the twentieth century’s greatest papal friend and supporter of the Jewish people. Indeed, John Paul II’s extraordinary relationship with the Jews was an important chapter in the historic legacy of his...
Written on 16/11/1980 by Pope John Paul II
john-paul-ii-address-to-west-german-jewish-community-reps"Whoever meets Jesus Christ, meets Judaism." I would like to make these words mine, too. The faith of the Jesus Christ, the son of David and the son of Abraham contains "the total heritage of Israel for the Church"...

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22/04/2016 Catholics for Israel
men-of-galilee-pilgrimage-dec-2016Join the "Men of Galilee" Catholic Pilgrimage to Israel (Dec 26, 2016-Jan 7, 2017) at a great price! This pilgrimage includes a combination of visits to the holy sites, and dialogue encounters with the people of the land.
10/02/2016 Catholics for Israel
year-of-mercy-holy-land-pilgrimageJoin the Denver Catholic Biblical School on a life-changing journey of experiencing salvation history and encountering Jesus in Israel (May 25-June 4, 2016).  Each day we’ll enjoy biblical teaching at the holy sites, daily Mass, and fabulous Middle Eastern food.
10/02/2016 Catholics for Israel
god-s-promise-of-the-land-to-the-people-of-israelThe present article is a compilation of Old Testament verses that refer to God's promise of the Land of Israel to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the Jewish people. 
04/02/2016 Derek Prince
israel-in-the-new-testamentThe words "Israel" and "Israelite" occur 77 times in the New Testament.  Is "Israel" ever used as a synonym for the Church? How many times does the NT use the expression "new Israel" or "true Israel" to refer to the Church?
16/12/2015 Andre Villeneuve
the-sabbath-a-sanctuary-in-timeWhen I first moved to Israel, I was stunned to hear about the many prohibitions that bind orthodox Jews in their observance of the Sabbath day. Like many Christians who first encounter these practices, I couldn’t help but wonder: isn’t this legalistic approach to the Sabbath...
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