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Israel in the New Testament
05 Feb 2016 04:47 - Derek PrinceIsrael in the New Testament

The words "Israel" and "Israelite" occur 77 times in the New Testament. Is "Israel" ever used as a synonym for the Church? How many times does the NT use the expression "new Israel" or "true Israel" to refer to the Church?

John Paul II and the Jews
05 Dez 2007 00:42 - David G. DalinJohn Paul II and the Jews

More than any other pope, John Paul II was the twentieth century’s greatest papal friend and supporter of the Jewish people. Indeed, John Paul II’s extraordinary relationship with the Jews was an important chapter in the historic legacy of his pontificate, which has had profound implications for Catholic-Jewish relations in our time.

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If I Forget You, O Jerusalem…
25 Jan 2018 04:28 - Catholics for IsraelIf I Forget You, O Jerusalem…

Catholics for Israel welcomes and applauds the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to relocate the American Embassy there.

Israel, the Church, and Election
20 Mai 2017 22:07 - Michael WyschogrodIsrael, the Church, and Election

God has tied His saving and redemptive concern for the welfare of all men to His love for the people of Israel. Only those who love the people of Israel can love the God of Israel. Israel is thus God's first-born, most precious in His eyes.

The Catholic Response to Islam
10 Apr 2017 02:24 - André VilleneuveThe Catholic Response to Islam

This article examines the Catholic response to the growth of Islam in the West in light of the Church’s vision for interreligious dialogue and evangelization. Does the Catholic Church have a coherent strategy in respect to Islam? Is this strategy working? Is it realistic? Is it biblical?

The 613 Mitzvot (Jewish Commandments)
26 Mär 2017 03:12 - Catholics for IsraelThe 613 Mitzvot (Jewish Commandments)

According to Jewish tradition, God gave 613 mitzvot (commandments) to Israel. 271 of these commandments can still be observed today. Check out our dynamic table of mitzvot, sortable according to the classification of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah and Sefer Hamitzvot) and the Chafetz Chayim. 

Why Catholics Should Learn Hebrew
11 Jan 2017 21:30 - André VilleneuveWhy Catholics Should Learn Hebrew

When God first uttered His eternal Word to man in human speech, He did so in the Hebrew language. And yet we typically see a disproportionate emphasis on Latin and Greek in Catholic academic institutions, often at the expense of Hebrew. Why this imbalance? I would like to propose ten reasons why the serious study of Hebrew is essential for the study of  [ ... ]

The Feasts of Israel: Foreshadowing the Messiah
14 Aug 2016 14:00 - André VilleneuveThe Feasts of Israel: Foreshadowing the Messiah

The Feasts of Israel recall God's deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt and his care for them during the Exodus. But the feasts also foreshadow God's salvation plan for humanity in Christ. This essay examines the significance of these feasts for Jews, as well as their messianic and typological fulfillment for Christians.

Das Judentum und die moderne Haltung zur Homosexualität
13 Jun 2016 20:50 - Dr. Norman LammDas Judentum und die moderne Haltung zur Homosexualität

Treu den Quellen der jüdischen Tradition sind Juden gerufen, den Wahnsinn zu vermeiden, der die Gesellschaft zu verschiedenen Zeiten und in verschiedenen Formen ergreift, wobei sie gleichzeitig eine moralische Gelassenheit und psychologische Ausgeglichenheit behalten sollen, die ausreichen, um die Kombination von Disziplin und Wohltätigkeit auszuüben, die [ ... ]

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