• "Kairos Palestine": From Mendacity to Megalomania

    The authors of the Kairos Palestine documentTwo years after its publication, the authors of the "Kairos Palestine" document held an anniversary conference in Bethlehem, constituting themselves a tribunal before which to arraign all the churches of the world for not showing enough enthusiasm for their original document.

  • "Palestinian Theologian" Trashes "Palestinian Theology"

    Christ at the CheckpointFor over two decades, parts of the Christian world have been bemused by the writings of self-styled "Palestinian Christian theologians." Since their brightest lights are Protestant pastors, they are minor figures among the overwhelmingly Orthodox and Catholic faithful of the Holy Land. But they are strangely popular in Liberal Protestant circles abroad and especially beloved of church bureaucrats.

  • At the Jordan River, where Jesus was Baptized

    Baptismal site at the Jordan RiverOn October 27, the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land head out to the Jordan Valley, accompanied by hundreds of pilgrims and local Christians, for their annual pilgrimage to Jesus’ baptismal site on the Jordan River.

  • Biblical Revelation and the Land of Israel

    World's largest Israeli flag (near Masada)St. Jerome wrote long ago that "ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ." Today, largely because of a widespread ignorance of Scripture, God's unique calling to the Jewish people is increasingly delegitimized and denied, and at the heart of this delegitimization stands their biblical connection to the Land of Israel.

  • Catholics for Palestine & Catholics for Israel

    Israel and PalestineIn the Catholic Church, disagreements are commonplace over a whole range of issues, be they political, social, economic, religious or historical, but at the end of the day these differences of opinion can be resolved through amicable discussion, prayer and a sense of fellowship and family in Christ. There is one issue, however, that divides so deeply that it has the potential to create permanent separation, and this is the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

  • Christians Flee Islamic Fundamentalism

    Palestinian ChristiansThe Christian population of the areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has sharply declined in recent decades, as tens of thousands have abandoned their holy sites and ancestral properties to live abroad. Those who remain comprise a beleaguered and dwindling minority. In sharp contrast, Israel's Christian community has prospered and grown by at least 270 percent since the founding of the state.

  • Ein Karem: Home of John the Baptist and Place of the Visitation

    The Church of the Visitation in Ein KaremThe charming village of Ein Karem, situated on the western slopes of Jerusalem, is a popular destination for both pilgrims and locals alike, with its churches and monasteries, romantic cafes and restaurants, and green hills perfect for hiking.

  • Elephants in the Room?

    Mass in the Church of the Holy SepulchreThe Hidden Roots of the Crisis of the Church in the Holy Land: In the troubled Holy Land, divided and torn by conflict, local Church leaders and Christians of all colors often claim to speak a tireless message of justice, reconciliation and peace. If only more people would listen to this message - so they claim - it would surely dramatically improve the prospects for peace between the conflicting parties in the region.But is this true?

  • Holy Land or Israel?

    SIsraelometimes I hear Catholics talking about making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and I must confess that something lightly irritates me about this. “Why would this irritate you” you might ask. “What’s wrong with Catholics visiting the land of Jesus and cradle of their faith?” Nothing is wrong with Catholics visiting the land of Jesus of course. It is with the terminology that I have a bone to pick.

  • Holy Week and Easter in Jerusalem

    Palm Sunday procession on the Mount of OlivesThere is nothing like experiencing Holy Week in Jerusalem. Celebrating the greatest events of salvation history and of Jesus’ life at the very sites where they occurred is a moving and unforgettable experience of faith for every believer who can be present.

  • Masada


    From Herod’s stronghold heights, a Remnant watched, as Silva’s legion circled them in vain. Across the changing hues of water far below, they looked with memory at Moab’s hills, secure as even Moses could not be, for they were here in Judah’s field.

  • Nazareth


    No film director’s dream, this Galilean town: an ordinary place. Do you think I put it down? Why, no! It is to ordinary men he came, to share their ordinary lives, that they might be his kith.

  • Old Jaffa

    Old JaffaThe Old City of Jaffa, located on the southern edge of Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast, was known in ancient times as the gateway to the Land of Israel. With its 3,000 years of history, Old Jaffa is the world’s most ancient port.

  • paper.li

    NEW! Read the Catholics for Israel Daily - an e-newspaper with the latest news posted by our favorite people and organizations on Twitter.

  • Pope Benedict XVI's Address at Mount Nebo

    Pope Benedict at Mount Nebo"Like Moses, We Too Have Been Called by Name." Here is the text of the discourse Benedict XVI gave on May 9, 2009 when he visited the Basilica of the Moses Memorial at Mount Nebo. Tradition holds that at this spot, God showed Moses the Promised Land.

  • Pope Benedict XVI's Address at the Holy Sepulcher

    Pope Benedict at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre"Here the History of Humanity Was Decisively Changed."Here is the text of the address Benedict XVI gave during his visit to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

  • Pope Benedict XVI's Farewell Address to the Holy Land

    Pope Benedict's farewell speech at Ben Gurion Airport"We meet as brothers, brothers who at times in our history have had a tense relationship, but now are firmly committed to building bridges of lasting friendship." Here is the text of the farewell address Benedict XVI gave at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion international airport, before boarding a plane to return to Rome.

  • Pope Benedict XVI's Visit to the Grand Rabbinate

    Pope Benedict's visit to the Grand Rabbinate in Jerusalem"Our Two Communities Are Challenged to Engage People of Good Will at the Level of Reason." Here is the text of Benedict XVI's address during a courtesy visit to the "Hechal Shlomo" center, seat of the Grand Rabbinate, after he visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

  • St. Anne and the Pools of Bethesda

    The Church of St. AnneThe Church of St. Anne is known as the birthplace of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is situated right next to the pool of Bethesda, a popular healing center in Roman times and the place where Jesus healed a paralytic as recorded in the Gospel of John.

  • St. John in the Desert

    St. John in the DesertTradition identifies the deserted place where John the Baptist grew up as the hermitage of St. John in the Desert, also known as 'Ain el-Habis (spring of the hermit.)  The site is located in the heart of the Judean hills, about 3 km from Ein Karem, St. John’s birthplace, which is itself just 7-8 km west of Jerusalem.

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