Jesus and Mary on Israel and the Middle East?

"Locutions to the World" (Part III)

We present here some further excerpts from the Locutions to the World pertaining to Israel and the Middle East, originally published by Msgr. John Essef from the diocese of Scranton, PA.

As mentioned in our introduction, we urge you to you read all of the locutions in context on Msgr. Esseff's blog, as they offer many spiritual insights and urgent exhortations related not only to Israel but also to the events in the process of unfolding in the world and in the human heart.

Again, please note that the locutions belong to the realm of private revelation and not to the Church's deposit of faith. Catholics for Israel does not endorse these prophetic messages as authoritative. However, their content is a powerful message that seems to be in tune with God's public, divine revelation and are certainly worthy of prayerful reading and discernment at the reader's discretion.

Ariel Ben Ami and Catholics for Israel

See Part I and Part II of the Locutions to the World pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

150. The Real Face of the Arab Spring

Oct 30th, 2011


Israel and the Middle EastThe time is ripe for rebellion and the overthrow of dictators. However, what happens after he is removed? What forces fill the vacuum of power that is left behind? Those who took the initiative are forced out of the way and the forces lurking in hiding know that it is time to come forth. And come forth they have! Now the true face behind the Middle East uprisings is seen, the dark face of radical Muslims who are quickly taking advantage of the situation as I told you months ago. Now, I will speak about what will take place in these nations which are plunging into a greater darkness which could not be seen by the West.

The radical Muslims will quickly strengthen their hold. They know how to organize. They know their goals and how to attain them. Others will sit on the sidelines, confused and not knowing how to respond. These Muslims will do what they always do. They will show one face to the West, the face which the West wants to see, but they will act for their own goals in a secretive and hidden manner. Some reports will leak out, but these will be set aside in the West because the West wants to see this as the Arab Spring, a fiction which the radicals will use and will even pretend is happening. Oh West, do you think that human rights and human dignity will win the day? You do not want to look. You will not examine beneath the surface.

You did not plan these revolutions. They sprung up from the power of darkness, from Satan who used the legitimate aspirations of the people for freedom from a dictator for his own goals. Now, he has taken control over these nations and he will use the people and the resources to fuel his fires. I say “his fires” because that is what you will see.

Do you believe that he is limited by national boundaries? Does he not set fire in one country, so that it would spread to others? Do you think he is content with claiming Muslin countries? That is not his goal. His goal is Israel and now he has taken the surrounding nations and is tightening his grip. And you call it an Arab Spring.

Comment: In these locutions, months ago, Mary warned about the forces of darkness taking control. We see them in Egypt and will see it in Libya.

155. The State of Egypt

Nov 4th, 2011


The fires burn brightly but they are not the fires of hope. They are the fires of destruction. At present, these fires burn only in the hearts of those who would destroy Israel. These fires are fanned by all the new developments, especially the instability of the region. This opens new doors to them and they seek to consolidate their foothold. What will happen and why?

As the euphoria dies down after the fall of the dictators, the people will survey the situation. What will they see? What is the second state of their nation? Is it worse than the first state? In truth, some repressions have been removed and the people no longer fear a dictator. But has their state, their daily way of life, gotten better? Do they see their economy humming? Do they see cooperation among all the elements of society? Do people share the same goals? Of course not. They shared the goal of overturning the dictator but, after that, they share no unity. They are diverse, splitting into a hundred parts, with no established leadership, except among those groups that existed before the overthrow – the army and the radical Muslims. These are the two groups which are poised to take control. Who will confront them? Will there be more demonstrations? That is all that the people seem to do well together. Yet, a nation is never built by protests.

So, what will happen in Egypt? The radical Muslims, with their tight knit unity and their Sha’riah law, will make gains, step by step, because they have a clear goal. They know what they want and they have wanted this for decades. They will not change, especially now that the great prize is closer to their grasps. They will unite even more. They will harden their positions. They will demand concessions far beyond their numbers. When they gain what they ask for, they will begin to ask for even more. This is your state, O Egypt. You thought you were gaining your freedom. Instead, you have only gained a different dictator who will impose greater burdens upon you.

Comment: This is a clear prophecy about what will happen next in Egypt.

159. The Israel – Iran Nuclear War

Nov 8th, 2011


...Satan has stirred up nation against nation, peoples against peoples. He has armed them with the most destructive weapons (and he is continuing to arm them at an alarming rate). The nuclear arms are being moved into place. Soon they will be aimed at Israel. All the world just watches, as if it has seen this before. Did not India and Pakistan gain nuclear arms to defend themselves (as they said)? Yet, these arms have never been used. Iran is not arming itself for self-defense. Satan owns their hearts. From the very beginning, they had their target, Israel.

How imminent is this confrontation? Will it not draw other nations into the conflict? Will it not touch a match to all the oil spread throughout the Middle East (I deliberately use that image)? Once that fire it lit, how will it be contained? I say clearly, the hour is late. The great harvest of worldwide destruction is about to come forth. Yet, even at this hour, the Father will intervene but no one calls upon me or listens to these words. I am God’s final preacher.

Comment: The world has gotten so used to nuclear proliferation that it views man as just another country gaining atomic weapons, but Iran is different.

168. The Middle East Powder Keg

Nov 17th, 2011


The world is facing armed conflicts, such as never have been seen before. These conflicts will obliterate the memories of two world wars (which should never have happened), so great will be the devastations. These wars are not far away. They are at your doorsteps. Some shots have been fired but, at this point, no one understands. Only looking back will anyone see the unfolding of events and how, what was seen as isolated events, were not isolated at all. When a match has been placed to a line which leads to a keg of dynamite, has not the explosions, in a sense, already begun. So, the fire has been set and the events need only to run their course.

Is everything predetermined? Is the world helpless? Not at all. But there must be new leadership, people who understand the Middle East and see the Middle East for what it is. The Middle East is a powder keg. The fire has already been lit by the Egyptian uprising (what the West calls “the Arab Spring”). Do you think that a war in the Middle East will be contained? Do you think it will touch only a few nations? No one is paying attention. That is why I speak so clearly.

Comment: Although Mary has often spoken about the Middle East, these are the clearest words she has ever given.

169. The Coming Muslim Menace Against Israel

Nov 18th, 2011


These days are so important for they will be filled with many crucial decisions which will not be seen at first, and only later come to light. These are not decisions of light but decisions of darkness, all following and consolidating the basic decisions to overthrow the dictators months ago. These decisions will not be made in public. They will not be made with the knowledge and consent of the people. They will be made in secret by those groups which have their own self-interests at heart. They will be announced to the people, who will realize that their resolutions did not place power in their hands but in the hands of radical Muslims. These Muslims have a clear agenda and are acting quickly to make sure that their influence is solid and that it can grow in the future. The doors are opening, not to the freedom which the people sought, but to a new darkness that will seem small at first but will quickly spread.

The West and Israel

The West is helpless, standing outside of the situation. Israel is threatened, placed right in the middle of the turmoil which will continue to spread to other nations that help the United States. Where and when will this end? It will end in the great confrontation (for which I am trying to prepare all those nations which call on me). It will come quickly, much sooner than anyone can now conceive.

Gathering for Years

These forces have been gathering for years, like dark clouds on the horizon. They are now filled with the rain of terror and destruction. The darkness is coming and it does not come like a thief in the night. It happens before your very eyes. Oh, it comes in disguise, under the mask of a supposedly legitimate government. Do not accept that legitimacy. Do not be fooled. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, covering over their true natures so no harsh measure are taken against them until they get close to their prey, Israel. Then, they will take off the mask and claim that they have perpetuated the acts of destruction. But, they do not know my response and how I will use their acts to bless my Church and to bless Israel. This is the great mystery which is about to unfold.

Comment: Mary expands on the correct interpretation of the Mideast uprisings.

175. Cairo – Satan’s Stronghold

Nov 23rd, 2011


Cairo is the center of the demonic forces. From there, the disturbances will continue to spread. There is no peace in Cairo and there will never be peace. Satan has set up his stronghold. He owns so many people – the military, the Muslim brotherhood, and by the spread of violence, even those who oppose the military. He holds all in his power, some directly and others indirectly. The city has entered into a darkness that no human efforts can lift.

The struggle will go on. The casualties will grow. More and more will turn against the military but it has been strengthened by billions of American dollars. It is well financed and well armed. Nothing else in the city can compare with its might, not even the Muslin brotherhood.

The Military Decision

This situation is quite different from a dictator who spent years in power and had a history that the people revolted against. This history united the people. They had all lived through it. But the military control is new and they are not just one family. They come from different sectors and enjoyed a great popularity during the revolution. Now, all is changed. They have made decisions inspired by Satan. He has now taken Cairo to his second step.

Revealing Himself

As I said before, he fulfills his plans secretly and only when they are in place does he reveal himself. Now, through the army, he is gradually revealing the full depth of his plan. He has chosen Cairo as his center. He has a firm hold. There will never be peace. He does not want it. There will never be reconciliation among all the groups. He ferments only hatred and division.

What are his future steps? Why has he chosen Cairo? These answers will be revealed in the coming months. The situation will worsen. People will see the nightmare that comes forth. They have already killed my Coptic Christians because Satan wants them removed. Other elements of Christian presence will also disappear. This should be a sure sign of the evil that is taking hold of Cairo and sinking its roots. The poor people. They sought only their freedom and did not discern the forces behind the revolution.

 Comment: Mary is very direct and clear. She predicted these events months ago.

182. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan

Dec 1st, 2011


Iraq and Afghanistan have worn down the American desires. They have depleted American resources and sapped its energy. They have cost many lives and yet America has brought only temporary stability to the region. As all the forces are withdrawn, the fruitlessness of these endeavors will become evident to all. There will be a collapse of all that America has spent so much, in terms of lives and money, to build.

That the structures will collapse is evident, but the question is, “What will take their place? What will happen in this region?” There will be a growing power of Iran and of Pakistan, two countries who have or will have nuclear arms. So, the situation is quite grave and their influence will spread. This influence will be evil and destructive, and will totally change the region into a hotbed of potential violence, that will not go away and which cannot be dealt with. These two countries survived even when there was a large United States military presence. What do you think will happen when this presence is removed? The field is wide open. Their enemy has left. The structures that they left behind will collapse quickly. There will be little resistance. Deals will be struck and a facade of legitimacy will be put on but the spoils of power will go to the winners and Iraq and Afghanistan will not be the winners.

In Iraq, America removed the source of stability, even though he was a dictator. Now, the people who hate America and hate Israel will gain uncontested power.

Where will all of this lead? Is there anyone or any group that can or wants to oppose this evil? They are nowhere in sight and those that would have some vital interest to oppose them are woefully inadequate.

Can you not see, O West? You are helpless before these enemies. Your technology and weapons have not conquered because the evil is so deep. When the troops pull out, the next chapter will be written, far worse than this present chapter. Let the reality set in, a reality that my words have tried to express so often. “The battle is between heaven and hell and because you do not seek heavenly help, hell is destroying the world.” Seek heaven’s help. Return to faith and belief. Invoke me and I will help you. Iraq will be swallowed up. Afghanistan will be infiltrated and eventually controlled.

Comment: This is what will happen after the America withdrawal.

184. Israel’s Second Chance

Dec 3rd, 2011


All over the world the tensions increase and the suffering multiplies, especially in Syria where there seems to be no end in sight. The same is true in Egypt, where the problems are deeper than anyone suspects. Today I want to speak of Israel, which to some degree, just sits on the sidelines and watches all of these developments which are so important in its natural security.

O Israel, I am your security. I carry your blood in my veins. I have always identified myself as a “daughter of Israel”. I will not disclaim the religious heritage that you gave to me. In your synagogue, I learned your history. I learned about the Messiah, the anointed one who was to come. I learned the names and the teachings of your prophets. In every sense, I was your daughter, in my flesh and in my spirit. I loved you, Israel, more than any other of your daughters. For you and your salvation, I brought forth the Christ. I nourished him in your faith. I taught him your psalms and your hymns. I took him to the temple and prayed with him in the synagogue. I answered his questions and formed his soul, all in the mold of Israel.

We were Jews, faithful Jews, who sought only God’s blessings upon Israel. We were Jews who looked forward to your salvation, not your freedom from the Romans but your true salvation, the inner-salvation of your spirit and a re-establishing of a true relationship to the heavenly Father. That is what we sought but you rejected the gift. Time and again, you rejected us. You rejected my Son. You rejected his disciples and you still reject the Christ.

I am still a daughter of Israel and you are still at the center of my heart and the center of God’s plan. Your prophets told you correctly that you were his child and he could never reject you. “Even if a mother could reject the child of her womb, I will never reject you, O Israel”.

Now you have other enemies, with even greater weapons. They, too, surround you on every side. Your future is no longer in your hands. Do not trust your weapons and your armies. Your forefathers did that with the Romans and failed. Your Messiah came to save you and you rejected him. Now, I come, a true daughter of Israel. I come with my words to save you. Listen to these messages and I will lead you by a safe path. Then, I will send my son, the Pope, who will bring the gift of peace.

Comment: History is repeating itself and Israel is getting another chance to choose the Messiah.

206. The Convulsions of 2012

Dec 26th, 2011


The Convulsions

This is what faces mankind in the year ahead, the convulsions of war, economic collapse and massive destructions. These are inevitable unless man listens to me. I say this now so that as the convulsions continue people will remember my word and will gain a measure of hope. They will say, “Our heavenly Mother foresaw all of this. She warned us that this would happen. We must go to her and find refuge in her Immaculate Heart”.

The convulsions will begin in the Middle East. The uprisings have removed the obstacles to Satan’s plan. The forces of Muslim radicalism can now be joined even more. They will begin to claim control of countries where they had been suppressed. They will have access to more money and to a more open communication. As the American influence lessens, they need not fear any military might coming against them.

A Shift of Power

They have moved to control Egypt and will do the same in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The whole face of that region will change very quickly. Dark clouds will surround Israel, which is their primary target. You must understand. Destroying Israel would vindicate radical Muslims. They would have achieved by their destructive means what years of peaceful negotiations could not. Even moderate Muslims would have to concede their victory. All the power will shift and will no longer respect national borders. There would arise a new multi-national Muslim reality that is drunk on Jewish blood. That is what the world is facing and why I am speaking so clearly.

The Antidote

The antidote is to turn to my Immaculate Heart. The turning must be with the whole heart. It begins with believing my words. It continues with calling on my name. It is nourished by the Rosary, but it is only completed by a complete change of life, a total turning away from all darkness and toward a life that is free from every sin. Is the world capable of this? Is America ready for this? The antidote that I am offering is strong medicine but nothing else will have any effect. The time is so short!

Comment: This is Mary’s most complete description of what will happen. She also describes a full turning to her.

208. The Muslim Takeover of Egypt

Dec 28th, 2011


The forces of Satan clash with one another. This is what happens in hell where there is no peace, only constant warfare. When the fires of hell descend upon a people, there are clashes. People are caught up in what they do not understand. They only know that there is some superior force that is getting them to protest and then to turn violent. The violence leads to destruction and what has been built for years is torn down in one day. The people can never go back. They cannot put together what they have broken.

This is what is happening in Egypt. Families and neighborhoods are shattered and no one can go back. The doors to the past have been closed off. Now all face these uncertain futures. Troubles can begin quickly. When the protests and violence have been unleashed, when people have been stirred by this force, when they have tasted the power that can topple a regime, are they ready to return to peace, to a daily patience, to a routine that nourishes a family and builds a nation?

I know that this was their dream. They wanted a nation freed from a dictator. They wanted to freely choose their way of life and to elect those who would lead them. These are the legitimate aspirations of all people, but the powers of evil have used your aspirations for their purposes. They foresaw the situation that would exist after you toppled the dictator, the vacuum of power that would be created and the forces that would take advantage. They also saw that the spirit of protest was placed in so many hearts and that this spirit will rise again and again. The means of stirring up protests lay in the hands of those who did it the first time.

Where is the stability of the new order? What good flows from it? People will say that this is to be expected after a revolution but I say to you that these were revolutions planned by Satan to throw your countries into even greater darkness and to prepare you for a takeover by Muslim extremists. They are the ones waiting in the wings. They are Satan’s people whom he has prepared.

Comment: Overthrowing a cruel dictator is certainly a legitimate goal but Satan will use this overthrow in Egypt for his purposes.

209. Nuclear Arms and the Radical Muslims

Dec 29th, 2011


The various events come and go, but each one leaves its mark and prepares for the wave that follows. This is the course of human history which never stops. One era flows into another. Each age hands over to the following age a different world than the one it received.

What will the current age hand over to those who will follow? Will it be a world destroyed by violence and subdued by terrorism? Will it be a world that cannot pay its debts and cannot control its spending? Will it be a world of moral darkness, where all the lights of Christian ideals have been extinguished?

The answers lie in the events which will decide the future of the world. Everything hangs in the balance. The stakes are high and no one knows what will happen. That is why I teach you.

Millions of people lie at the mercy of those few who hold in their hands the destructive power of nuclear war. This is the great question. Into whose hands will these destructive powers fall? Who will gain access to these nuclear arms? How will the power in the world shift when this happens? I say this before it happens. When nuclear arms fall into the hands of the radical Muslims they will not limit their frenzy nor will they act rationally. For decades, they have sought this unholy grail. They know where the weapons are and have plotted the means to attain them and no one is sounding the alarm, even though it is happening before your very eyes.

Once they have gained these treasures, where will they stop? With Israel? With Europe? With America? They want to control the world and they will use violence to gain their goal.

O Church, can I not awaken you? It is too late to speak to the nations. They give me no hearing. But you, O Church, whose mother I am, can I not expect you to listen? The nuclear peril is real. The destruction of millions is a distinct possibility. You have in your hands the light of Fatima. Let that light shine. Do not keep it hidden. All the world will be grateful for the destruction you have prevented. The Holy Father knows this is true.

Comment: The world is in great peril but if nuclear arms fall into the wrong hands, the peril becomes catastrophic.

211. A New Year of Great Uncertainty

Dec 31st, 2011


The doors open up to a new year of great uncertainty. What lies ahead for the world and the Church? Let me take each one separately.

...Israel realizes the changed nature of the region and that it stands alone. It is not really favored by Washington and is the object of hatred of its closest neighbors. It will turn to its military might but in vain. The forces of destruction are too great.

Iran will move against its neighbor, Iraq, and will control as much as possible. Iraq will suffer much from all the internal struggles and the external incursions. I weep over Iraq to see it dismembered and helpless.

Afghanistan will not stand. Everything will fall. The regime will be toppled and chaos will exist. The Taliban will grow strong and feel that they have no one to oppose them now that America has withdrawn.

Pakistan will become the biggest problem. Its borders will be porous and evil will flow freely, back and forth. The military will assume more control. Civilian leadership will be very weakened and ready to collapse. Al-Qaeda will be waiting in the wings. This will be its greatest prize – to control nuclear arms. The stage is set for such a scenario.

...That is the review. The picture is a dark one, with few rays of light. This is the path which the world has chosen, led by darkness instead of light. It need not be this way. It could have been much different, but the choices have been made and this is where they have led.

Comment: Mary gives her overview of the world scene.

212. A Future Papal Election

Jan 1st, 2012


...The Cardinals will meet to elect a pope but an extraordinary intervention of God will occur that will alert the whole world to the special nature of this office. They will seek to discern this intervention, to grasp what is the will of God, but everything will not be clear at first. Some, however, will speak in divine wisdom and the search will begin to find the one whom God wants to raise up. He will not come forward at first, even though he knows that he is chosen by God. He will wait until the discussion is concluded and the Cardinals are settled. Then new manifestations will occur which will signal clearly the one whom the heavenly Father wants as his Pope. This will be a complete surprise to the world and to the Church but not to the one upon whom the mantle falls. This is my chosen son, the one whom I have picked. I want all of this to happen in a startling manner so the world and the Church know that this one was chosen by heaven, by God and not by men. He will be prepared because I will have prepared him. He will be the pope of Fatima and bring to fruition all of the gifts of Fatima, just in time to prepare the Church and the world for the Satanic onslaught.

Comment: The whole world pays great attention to papal elections. The next election will have some added signs of God’s hand.

261. Satan’s Drama

Feb 20th, 2012


A director does not begin the first act of his drama unless the script is totally written and all the actors are trained to play their parts.  Once the drama begins, the other acts must follow.

The opening act of Satan’s drama was the Egyptian uprising.  All the other Mideast violence is the introductory act, which takes place in front of the curtain.  When this opening act is finished, then the curtain will open and the whole world will see the fullness of the stage.  So, the uprising in Egypt is more than just a first act.  It is a signal that Satan’s drama has begun.

The Drama’s Conclusion

What is the conclusion of his drama? Is there any doubt?  He wants to turn earth into a hell, the whole earth, not just the Middle East.  Satan wants to cast his fire upon the earth before I can cast my fire.

He does not know, however, that I intend to destroy his story, to send people onto his stage that would change the plot so he does not succeed.  If his drama is allowed to unfold according to his time table, more and more of the world will be destroyed.  The world does not see these Middle East events for what they are.  The world thinks they are passing events (just like what went before) because Satan has not yet pulled back the curtain and revealed the whole stage.  When it is pulled back, the world will see these events as much more serious than they could ever understand.

Comment:  The uprising in Egypt led to other Mideast uprisings.  These Satanic fires are the opening acts.  Many do not see their significance.

262. The Modern Day Cyrus Sent to Israel

Feb 21st, 2012


Editor’s note: (In the sixth century B.C., the Jews were exiled in Babylon.  However, Cyrus, King of Persia, conquered Babylon and in 538 B.C. surprisingly allowed the Jewish captives to return to Jerusalem.  Isaiah (45:1) calls him the shepherd of Yahweh and gives him the title “the anointed of Yahweh.)

Do not take your eyes off of Israel, because I never remove mine from the people who gave me birth.  Nor do I remove my protecting hand.  However, now they are surrounded by enemies, far stronger than any described in the bible, and they are deciding what needs to be done.  If only they knew to call on me!  If only they had devotion to me, I could lead them on safe paths.

All is at Risk

I would have led them quite differently than the path they have taken so far.   Even though the heavenly Father formed them, brought them into existence from the loins of Abraham, and gave them the land called holy, they have allowed the secular spirit to decide their path.

What a people!  For centuries, they wandered the earth with no land to call their own.  Now, the state of Israel has been formed and millions have gone there to regain their hopes.  Yet, all is at risk and can easily be destroyed.  What are my words to that nation which I love?  What is the purpose of these events?  I will speak clearly.

Words to Israel

O Israel, in the bible, whenever your existence was threatened you turned to your prophets to seek the will of God and to know what to do.  At times, you would listen to those words and repent.  Then, God would avert the danger.  At other times, when no danger existed, you would wander away from God, trusting in your own security.  Now, this has happened again and your enemies are great.  Much to your chagrin, they seek to wipe you off the face of the earth.

So, I say to you, “I will come to you”.  Even now, before the hostilities begin, I am coming to you.  Do not be surprised by the divine signs.  Even though you do not call me “Mother” you are still deep within my heart.  My flesh and blood came from you.  Through me, the prophetic words about your Messiah were fulfilled.  So, where do we go from here?  What will be our relationship in the future?  I will spell it out clearly.

Modern Day Cyrus

The threats to your security will open a new era.  A door will open that has been closed for centuries.  It will be a special moment and God will do something new.  Just as when God raised up Cyrus and set his seal upon him to allow the exiles to return, so I will raise up someone according to my own heart.  He, too, will act in a surprising way.  You will know who it is.  Like Cyrus, he will be known to the nations.  When he acts, you will also know that he is acting totally on your behalf.  He will do this unselfishly because he is not an Israeli.  He will come because I have sent him.  His heart will be gentle and kind.  You will ask him, “Why did you come to save us?”  He will respond, “The woman clothed with the sun sent me.  She is from you.  She is one of you.  She has not forgotten you even though you have rejected her Son”.

A New Beginning

Then, Israel, we will begin again.  The former rejections will be set aside. The old will be swept away.  I will take you to myself.  Like the nations, you, too, will call me “Mother”. You will be a special son to me because you are the nation that gave me birth.

Comment:  Mary describes Israel’s present dangers in a totally different light, similar to the Old Testament stories.   She will send a modern Cyrus to claim Israel for herself.

281. The Visitation of Jesus to Israel

Mar 12th, 2012


You do not need a keen intellect to see what is ahead, the clash of nations.  Right now, internal strifes are consuming the energies of many nations in the Middle East.  When this process is over and Satan has in place those whom he wants to serve him, he will move into the next phase of his plan.

Afghanistan and Pakistan

This will take place especially in Afghanistan and, most importantly, in Pakistan.  The turmoil in both of these countries has not yet led to the overthrow of these governments but, obviously, they cannot survive the massive number of dissidents that fill their countries.  As the American troops leave Afghanistan, the whole area will become the easy prey of the terrorists.  They will quickly claim everything.  No one will oppose them and both countries will fall under their control.  This will pose enormous new problems, coupled with the growing nuclear program in Iran.  The rise of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and the new direction of Turkey.

The nations are in turmoil but God is not just in his heavens.  He would help man and he wants the survival of Israel.  He wants to establish in Israel the great “Light to the Nations”, my son, Jesus Christ.  This is the battle behind the scenes.

Israel’s New Role

Israel, the people who brought forth the Messiah, is to have a new place among the nations.  On its land, and specifically in Jerusalem, the whole world was redeemed by my Son’s sacrificial death.  The whole world was raised to life again by his resurrection.  The whole world was sanctified by the outpouring of his Holy Spirit. From Jerusalem, God’s saving word went forth to all the world.  These are the recorded truths in the New Testament.  But this good news has never been accepted by Israel.  My Son would have saved them from the Romans but Jerusalem did not know the time of is visitation.

A New Moment

Now another moment comes.  Israel is not surrounded by a foreign army which comes from Rome but by forces which live around it, a far greater threat.  To Israel, I say, “Your darkest moments are ahead of you.  Your salvation will not come from your weapons, or even the weapons supplied to you by others. Your salvation will come only from my Son, Jesus.  By these words, I awaken you to the true source of your freedom.

Do not wait.  Now is the time to turn to him. He is flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood and he holds you in his heart.  Soon, he will come to you in a fresh visitation.  Hopefully, this time, you will accept him when he comes.

Comment:  Mary unveils the growing problems for Israel and the promise of a fresh visitation.