Jesus and Mary on Jerusalem, Israel and the End Times?

"Locutions to the World" (Part II)

This is the second part of excerpts from Locutions to the Worldpublished by Msgr. John Esseff's, touching upon the issues of Jerusalem, Israel, and the Middle East.  Please read the introduction (and disclaimer) to these locutions in Part I.

Jerusalem – The World’s Center Stage

May 27, 2011


Killing the Pope

Jerusalem and the CrossFor years, I ministered with my disciples in Galilee. I placed in their hearts, the treasures of my words and the memories of my deeds. However, the culmination of my life was in Jerusalem. I went there in the heavenly Father’s time. It was Passover, with great expectancy in the air. The Jewish leaders wanted to kill me. Pilate, the Roman governor, was in Jerusalem for the feast. All was according to the Father’s plan.

Jerusalem is the world’s center stage, where two dramas are played out. The first was 2000 years ago. The second will be in modern times. Jerusalem is the world stage where the kingdoms of good and evil clash.

There will be efforts to gain peace for Israel but these will fail. These efforts are good but the world leaders do not see the depth of the problem, or the deeper clash that only faith reveals.

I preached for some days in Jerusalem so all would know that I was present. Then the drama began. Violence was the force used against me and death was the result. However, the victory was won. The great treasures were placed in the hearts of the disciples who preached my word to the world.

There will also be a modern drama. At just the right moment in the Father’s plan, the Pope will go to Jerusalem. Again, there will be anger and hatred. He will go as a man of peace. The enemies will use violence, as they have so often used terrorism. Their hatred against Israel will spill over. Their weapons will kill the Pope. Yet, he will be the victor. By his death, the weapons of violence will be seen for what they are – weapons that would strike down my Vicar, the great man of peace, who came to Jerusalem in my name. His death will usher in the gift of peace for the whole world, especially for Jerusalem.

Comment: Jesus again highlights the importance of the death of the pope that will take place in that city.


Jerusalem held two dramas for me. When Jesus was a boy, I found him in the temple. He said, “Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?” I realized that he was no longer a child who belonged to me. He was a Son, who belonged to the heavenly Father.

Years later, when I went to Jerusalem for the Passover, I knew this drama would be repeated, but in a greater degree. I again would lose him to the will of the heavenly Father.

There will be another drama. I will go with another son, my Pope. He will enter the city like Jesus, a messenger of God’s peace. But, I will no longer be just a daughter of Israel. I will be the Woman, clothed in the sun. I could not control the events of the crucifixion or the cruelty of  the Roman soldiers, but I will be able to control these events. There will be the Pope’s death, but I will temper the sufferings and remove the unnecessary torments. Death will come suddenly and quickly.

Comment: Although world leaders give no special notice to Jerusalem, except for its political importance, both God and Satan see the city as the place of their first clash. This resulted in Satan’s defeat, but he is confident that he can conquer, using the same force, hatred and violence, that he used previously.

The Middle East Disruptions

June 6, 2011


... World events involve the clash of the kingdom of God with the kingdom of Darkness. In all of this there is man’s free will. This determines the timetable and even the specific events.

A person who loves the kingdom and always seeks the kingdom moves up the timetable of completion. A person immersed in evil slows the timetable and tries to place obstacles to the kingdom. From these obstacles come the events of darkness which are now happening. An important event is the widespread disruptions in the Muslim countries. Many do not see the great evil contained in them. I will explain what is happening.

In the Muslim world, there are people of light. These accept those parts of the Koran which are shared with the Jewish-Christian beliefs. They live these values in a Muslim culture. Other Muslims are neutral, so to speak, they are not children of light but they are not given over to radical darkness. Then, there are Muslims who accept and follow the darker teachings of the Koran which are totally at odds with my teachings on love and peace.

In these Mideast disruptions, the radical darkness of the Muslim world is hidden but when the current leaders are toppled, they will use this opportunity to diminish the number of the other Muslims, to increase their own converts and to assume leadership in these countries,.

These deceptions will not bring about an Arab spring but an Arab winter of desolation and destruction. They will not bring about the kingdom of God. They will only enhance the powers of darkness which oppose the kingdom.

Comment: These disruptions, although toppling dictators, will lead to a greater darkness – the rise to power of radical Muslims.

The Protection Around Israel

June 29, 2011


I speak to you about the Middle East and the growing darkness. The blocks of protection that surround Israel are being chipped away. Israel is totally aware that its safety and its existence are more at risk.

Comment: From the uprisings, Israel’s protecting buffers are much weaker.

A Prophecy of Future Events

August 1st, 2011


Pakistan will be a source of great problems. The support of the United States and its ties to Pakistan have been weakened by the killing of Bin Laden. The present government, weak as it is, is the only fence standing between the rebels and the nuclear arms. When the government is toppled, America will try to secure the arms, but its military might will not be enough. The rebels are too large and too firmly implanted – too extensive among the people,

Even if the people do not belong to the rebels, they feel no enmity to the group. That is why the government is so weak in its fight against the terrorist group. It does not want to offend a large segment of its people and must make some political responses against the United States.

The Suez Canal is no longer protected by Mubarak and can no longer be seen as under the influence of the United States. Understandings with Egypt about the use of the canal are now meaningless.

Russia will continue to press its relationships with the key countries of the Middle East. These countries see Russia as a force which can help them gain their quest.

In all of this, America is no force for Israel or for true Middle East peace. The president sits on the sidelines and allows the forces in the Middle East to go unchecked.

Many see these problems as Middle East problems, far distant and not important to the West, but all of this will affect America because of its need for oil.

All of these events will tilt the power to the Muslim world and many Muslims will rejoice to see that they are gaining the upper hand much more quickly than they thought possible.

The most important issue has been overlooked. Up to now, the Muslim world has been divided because of the various dictators. Now, these have been or will be soon toppled. There is a new possibility of Muslim unity brought about by radical Muslims.

This sudden possibility of some union of Muslim nations under a religious leader will lead many to believe that they can be that leader. Important people will begin to move toward Muslim unity along religious lines. These men will not succeed but they will move the process along.

Then, one will arise who will take advantage of all of these forces and will somewhat unite the Muslim world for his purposes.

The Egyptian Uprising

August 12, 2011


The First Scene of Satan’s Drama (and the point of no return)

With the Egyptian uprising (January 2011), the events of darkness have passed the point of no return. The great confrontation between the devil and the Woman has begun. People do not grasp that events have entered a new stage. They think these are just a new level of the old problems. January 2011 was the point of no return because Satan decided to begin his drama.

The Egyptian uprising has meant that Israel has lost some layers of protection. Israel knows that it is endangered more than before. So, the drama has begun. Satan has sent out the first actors in front of the curtain to begin the show. Soon the curtain will pull back and everything will begin in its fullness.

No director begins the first scene unless he intends to follow it with all of the other scenes. No director begins a show unless the script has been written and well rehearsed. No director begins a show unless all the actors are on hand, especially the most important ones. Yes, they are all on hand and after this opening scene of the disruptions in the Middle East, the curtain will rise and Satan will introduce his important actors.

These will move the script along and lead up to the main actor. All the important action will wait for his arrival on the scene. When he comes, I will point him out to you, even giving you signs ahead of time.

You will identify all these actors and note how they are reading the script and bringing about the story. All will be clear through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. One after another they will come upon the scene but only when the most important actor arrives will the full power of darkness be seen and manifest.

Comment: The confrontation between God and Satan has begun. The Egyptian uprising was the first scene.

Ability to Destroy Israel

August 13, 2011


The events spill out of control and man loses his power to shape the history of the world because Satan has stepped onto the scene, using people whom he has prepared for years, many of them since their birth.

These events have their roots in the past, in a culture of darkness. However, they are different. They have taken on a new power, a new sharpness, and a new level of destruction.

These powers of darkness have now surpassed the powers of the West to contain them. Right now, the West is absorbed with its own economic problems and in attempts to find solutions. This, too, is Satan’s plan. Since their own houses are not in order, they cannot give attention to the Middle East and to the drama that is taking place there. These are the shifts in the Muslim world.

The dark side is coalescing, coming together, increasing its arms and getting its leadership in place. Certainly there are internal struggles and sometimes they go backwards, but the movement is forward. They go to greater military strength, to more coordinated functioning, to a harder resolve and, especially, to a belief that their day will soon come. Confidence in their ability to finally destroy Israel grows daily.

All of this comes from religious fervor which the West does not understand because it has lost its own. Fervor must be fought with fervor. Religious fervor with religious fervor. This is my promise. I will rekindle religious fervor. I will open the eyes of all who want to see. I will touch hearts, even of those who have no religious background. When you see the fires of this new religious fervor you will know that I am keeping my promise. Do not despise the day of small beginnings. A little fire can enkindle a mighty blaze,

Comment: Satan uses people with a false religious fervor which drives them to extraordinary sacrifices. The West lacks this fervor. Mary will rekindle new fires. They will be small but extremely important. When needed, they will become a mighty blaze.

The Consecration of Russia and the Jerusalem Papacy

August 17, 2011


When all is put in place and all the events are about to occur, I will raise up a son to be the pope. He will be well instructed in my ways and he will not fail me. I will have instructed him for years and then, through the most extraordinary of events, I will lift him to where no one thought he would ever attain.

He will be a man of faith and will walk only in my ways and in my light. All will be clear to him because I will have revealed everything ahead of time. There will be no doubt and no hesitancy.

The Two Goals of a Short Papacy

Because of the confusion of the world, he will set aside many of the usual tasks, and will focus on the tasks that I had revealed to him ahead of time – the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart and the moving of the papacy from Rome to Jerusalem. These are the two important goals of his short papacy.

My Church will be positioned again, just as I positioned the Church when I placed Peter and Paul in Rome and led them to their martyrdom. This planted my Church in Rome, where it has been for all these centuries. Now it is time to root it again in the soil of Israel and in the Middle East. It is in Jerusalem that all will find peace. No longer will my death and resurrection be set aside. All will see that Jerusalem is the holy city. Because of that holiness, peace will come to the world.

All will tell the story, the fathers to their children. They will tell the story of what I accomplished in Jerusalem and why Jerusalem is the center of the world. Yes, I say, the center of the world. Other cities will exist and have their own importance but it is to Jerusalem that they will look for their wisdom. Presidents and kings, men and women with political power, will submit to the wisdom of Jerusalem and all the nations will walk again by my light. See all the events in this light. It will not be accomplished in one step or two steps.

How can I shake the present order? How much that now exists must be set aside? I will use many to accomplish my plan, even the strategies and the powers of the Evil One will unwittingly bring it about. Step by step. All will proceed until all the nations see what I have done to exalt the mountain of Zion.

Comment: Jesus is the Lord of history. He wants all the world to remember what he accomplished in Jerusalem. To do this, he must exalt Jerusalem and make it the center of the world. Only when people see Jerusalem exalted will they remember the events which happened there.

The Pope’s Death

August 29, 2011


Although I do not reveal the exact time and dates (for this is not yet needed), I point to the signs of the times which all can read. When the exact moments come closer, I can be more specific because all can understand. Before the culminating events, other moments will happen which will lead up to it. It will not come as a surprise to anyone who listens to my words. This is why I speak, to prepare you so that when all the events occur you will be kept safe. Your house will be built upon rock and will not collapse.

I can see the forces of evil building up. Each of those under Satan’s power are storing up their own evil. They are each in their own houses, so the time is not yet at hand. No one has come on the scene to call them together, to bind them as one. I will delay his coming. I will put obstacles in his way. I will cause dissension among those whom he would want to gather. In this way, the little ones will have more time to prepare.

A Delay Not A Postponement

Yet, I do not want you to be illusioned. Pushing back the time of these events is just a delay, not a postponement. The clash must come. This is the only way to dispel these forces of evil. They have claimed too many hearts and the message of repentance does not reach these hearts. They are intent on a holy war and on the destruction of Israel. They will not turn back. They believe that their cause is a holy one and that they will quickly dominate the world. This force has been building for centuries, consolidating its powers, suffering losses at some moments, but always moving forward, convinced that its cause is true and will inevitably conquer.

What can I do with such an evil force, which uses the sword to gain its goals? My Son told his followers to put away the sword and to lay down their lives for each other. This will be the turning point, when my son, the pope, will lay down his life. Then, the Spirit of Jesus will be poured forth upon a world in shock, a world made ready to weep and repent. Before that, much must take place.

Comment: Mary will win the victory in our time, the same way she won the victory 2000 years ago, by sacrificing her son, this time, the pope. This will be a moment of a great and new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a gigantic change of events in human history.

People in the Political Field

September 1, 2011


Who realizes what is taking place? Who can see deeply enough into the true causes of things? Men are just pawns in Satan’s hands, doing what he wants and moved into place because he desires. These men say “I have gained this high place. I have come into this position of power”. Really, they have been moved there by the Evil One to fulfill his purposes. They are given power over 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s, and even more, because he knows when and why he will need them. It is like a game of chess in which he plots his strategy, waiting to pounce on his goal, the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem. I constantly repeat this theme but this is the goal and nothing can be understood away from this.

Dangers to Israel

September 14, 2011


There is a small group, tightly knit, which stays hidden.  They gather money and resources and plot against Israel.  Someday, they will inflict damage upon Israel as they did against the Israeli embassy in Egypt.  As they draw closer, Israel will have no power to push them back because the buffers of protection have been taken away.  It is a difficult and perilous time for Israel.  Few know how close the destructive forces are to breaking through the Israeli defenses.

Comment:  Each day the news reveals less protection for Israel.

Jerusalem – The Center of World Peace

September 26, 2011


At the center of my heart is Jerusalem.  This was always true but even more so now, because my blood sanctifies its soil.  Anywhere that a martyr has been slain, the blood sanctifies that soil.  The heavenly Father notes all of those places.  Rome is holy because of the blood of Peter and Paul and so many other Christians.

In some places the blood of martyrs still flows.  There are pilgrimages and devotions on that ground and even miracles.  In other places, no devotion occurs and the blood, so to speak, does not flow.

The Blood Shed at Jerusalem

My blood was not just shed at Jerusalem but it was meant to flow continuously.  Yet, look at the history, all that has happened there.  Indeed, some pilgrimages take place, but in so many ways my blood does not flow from Jerusalem as it should.  Today, Jerusalem is seen as a political place, controlled by Israel.  That is not its importance.  My blood anoints its soil and I want my blood to flow out to all the world – to Jews, and Christians and Arabs.  They must gather in Jerusalem and there will be peace in the flowing of my blood.  Jerusalem is at the center of my heart because there I will gather the nations for world peace.

Comment:  Few see Jerusalem as Jesus sees it.

Our Lady of the Rosary and the Muslim Threat

October 7, 2011


Today, so many will call on me and remember me in both my joys, my sorrows and my glory. Yet, so many do not know of the power of this devotion to the rosary which can save the world.

When I came to the children at Fatima, I carried the rosary. I taught them to say it fervently and I told Francisco, in particular, that he had to say it properly. He responded with great fervor and said the rosary daily with great devotion.

My servant, St. Louis de Montfort, wrote “The Secret of the Rosary”, which all should read. It is a small book but will inculcate devotion. He writes that he does not know why, but the rosary is the most powerful of prayers.

Let me take you back in history to the famous Battle of Lepanto (1571) when Europe could have been overwhelmed by the Muslims. So many in secular Europe forget their history. They do not realize how only those with faith saved the Western civilization from being totally wiped out by the Muslim attacks. Only the papacy continued to rally the forces of good. Many others, caught up as usual in their selfish interests, would not cooperate and would not turn their eyes to the threat. Only the pope and those whom he could stir were interested in this vital battle.

Although outmanned and really no match for the Muslim fleet, the papal forces won the victory and the West was saved. This naval battle was reinforced by the many who recited the rosary, and so this feast was established, (by Pope Pius V), as an annual reminder of the power of the rosary.

O reader, learn the true history that has been taken from you. The Muslim threat is again at your door. This time, new methods are used, very effective and powerful. You, on the other hand, are asleep. You do not realize how soon will be the day when America will be attacked, an America that is so unprepared to respond, an America that is willing to compromise the truth. The Muslims have no desire to compromise. They seek only conquest. Do you want your children and your grandchildren to live under Muslim rule? Then wake up. Take the rosary in your hands and begin to pray it, today and every day.

Comment: Many extraordinary circumstances surrounded the Battle of Lepanto. Read the story and say the rosary.

The Jerusalem Covenant of Blood

October 17, 2011


At Jerusalem there was the covenant of my blood followed by my death. Today that covenant is celebrated throughout the world (the Mass). Look at Jerusalem’s history, the many years when that covenant of blood was never celebrated there. Look at today. The covenant of my blood is celebrated but the crowds are few, and often it is for pilgrims. Know my heart. I want a Jerusalem where Mass is the central act, where thousands gather and the life of Jerusalem centers on the covenant of my Blood. I rejoice when lips receive my Blood but I rejoice most when Jewish lips partake of my Blood. There will be peace in the world, when the covenant of my Blood is central to the life of Jerusalem.

Look at what is happening. Jerusalem is endangered. It is the target of the Muslim terrorists. If it is destroyed, or if it falls into Muslim hands, then the Covenant of my Blood will not be celebrated at all in Jerusalem.

The opportunity would then be lost for centuries to come and the light that I intend, the light of world peace, would be cast aside. There would be darkness.

The protection around Israel is being stripped away. The natural protections are being removed. A time will come when Israel will have no natural way of protecting itself. At that moment, I will save Israel and then the Covenant of my Blood will become the central act. The Church will be enriched by Israel, and all will see that the Catholic Church is the true Church, when Israel and the Catholic Church are one.

Satan sees the importance of Jerusalem. His eyes are on Jerusalem to destroy it. My heart is on Jerusalem to protect it.

Comment: The teaching is so understandable. The Eucharist began in Jerusalem and Our Lord would want its celebration to flourish there.