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Entire Course, Parts I and II (57 lessons) $488.00$179.00 cad.
Part I: God's Story, Our Story (31 lessons) $259.00$99.00 cad.
Part II: Introduction to the Catholic Church (26 lessons) $229.00$99.00 cad.
A00 - Man and His World: Why Search for Truth? Gratis
A01 - The Gospel Message: An Overview of God's Plan of Salvation $8.90 cad.
A02 - God's Story, Our Story: The Story of Salvation and Your Part in it $8.90 cad.
A03 - God: Does He Exist? What Can We Know about Him? $8.90 cad.
A04 - Revelation: How Does God Speak to Us? $8.90 cad.
A05 - God the Father: Calling Us to Be His Children $8.90 cad.
A06 - Prayer: How Shall We Speak to Our Father? $8.90 cad.
A07 - Creation: God Builds a Home for His Children (Gen 1) $8.90 cad.
A08 - Man: Made in the Image and Likeness of God (Gen 2) $8.90 cad.
A09 - The Fall and Original Sin: Man Loses Paradise. How Will He Find it Again? (Gen 3) $8.90 cad.
A10 - Noah: God Renews His Covenant with Mankind (Gen 4-11) $8.90 cad.
A11 - Abraham: Father of the Faith (Gen 12-22) $8.90 cad.
A12 - The Patriarchs: The Birth of Israel (Gen 23-50) $8.90 cad.
A13 - Let My People Go! The Exodus and the Mosaic Covenant (Exod) $8.90 cad.
A14 - Israel in the Desert: From Sinai to the Promised Land (Lev-Num-Deut) $8.90 cad.
A15 - From Conquest to Kingdom: The Israelites in the Land of Canaan (Josh-Judg-1 Sam) $8.90 cad.
A16 - The Davidic Kingdom: Jerusalem, a House of Prayer for All Nations (2 Sam, 1 Kgs) $8.90 cad.
A17 - The Divided Kingdom and the Prophets: Division, Decline and Exile (1-2 Kgs, Prophets) $8.90 cad.
A18 - The Exile and the Book of Daniel: Hope of a New Kingdom (Dan) $8.90 cad.
A19 - Return to Zion: The Second Temple Period (Ezra/Neh, 1-2 Macc) $8.90 cad.
A20 - Messianic Expectations and Prophecies: Israel's Hope $8.90 cad.
A21 - Jesus: Infancy and Preparation: From the Annunciation to Jesus' Baptism $8.90 cad.
A22 - Jesus: Public Ministry: The Kingdom of God Has Come $8.90 cad.
A23 - Jesus: Paschal Mystery: The Suffering Messiah Conquers Sin and Death $8.90 cad.
A24 - "Who Do You Say I Am?" - Who Did Jesus Really Claim to Be? $8.90 cad.
A25 - Jesus: A Critical Examination: The Gospel Accounts - Myth or History? $8.90 cad.
A26 - The Trinity - One God, Three Persons: Christian Innovation or Eternal Truth? $8.90 cad.
A27 - Incarnation and Redemption: How the Paschal Mystery Saves Us $8.90 cad.
A28 - The Holy Spirit: God Pours into Us His Life and Love $8.90 cad.
A29 - Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth: What Kind of Church Did Jesus Establish? $8.90 cad.
A30 - The Second Coming: What Will Happen at the End of Times? $8.90 cad.
B01 - The Church: The Kingdom of God on Earth $9.90 cad.
B02 - Revelation and Authority: Scripture, Tradition, the Magisterium $8.90 cad.
B03 - Peter and the Papacy: Our Holy Father $8.90 cad.
B04 - The Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell $8.90 cad.
B05 - The Communion of Saints: God's Holy Family $7.00 cad.
B06 - Mary, Our Jewish Mother: Daughter of Israel and Mother of the Church $8.90 cad.
B07 - Life in Messiah: The Dignity of the Human Person $8.90 cad.
B08 - Sin: Loving Self to the Contempt of God $8.90 cad.
B09 - The Ten Commandments: Living Out Our Vocation as Children of God $9.90 cad.
B10 - Salvation and Justification: How Are We Saved? $8.90 cad.
B11 - Grace and Merit: God Shares His Life with Us $8.90 cad.
B12 - In His Presence: The Liturgy of the Church in Light of Israel's Tabernacle Worship $8.90 cad.
B13 - Liturgy: Our Participation in God's Work $8.90 cad.
B14 - Baptism: Our Gateway to Eternal Life $8.90 cad.
B15 - Confirmation: The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit $8.90 cad.
B16 - The Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Christian Life $8.90 cad.
B17 - The Holy Mass: Meeting our King $8.90 cad.
B18 - Reconciliation (Confession): God's Forgiveness Available to All $8.90 cad.
B19 - The Anointing of the Sick: "I am the Lord Who Heals You" $8.90 cad.
B20 - Holy Orders: Ministers to the People of God $8.90 cad.
B21 - God's Plan for Marriage and the Family (I): Human Love in Divine Revelation $8.90 cad.
B22 - God's Plan for Marriage and the Family (II): The Sacrament of Matrimony $8.90 cad.
B23 - God's Plan for Marriage and the Family (III): The Role of the Christian Family $8.90 cad.
B24 - The Church in the World: A Brief History of the Church $9.90 cad.
B25 - The Final Marriage: The Dramatic Love Story of Israel and the Church $9.90 cad.
B26 - Go Into All the World! The Church's Missionary Mandate $8.90 cad.
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