Written on 04/09/2013 by David P. Goldman
zionism-for-christiansThe People of God of the flesh stand surety for the People of God in the spirit, not only as witnesses to scriptural promise but as the living root of the Church. As Christians see it, God taught the idea of a People of God through the Jews, and the...
Written on 26/03/2012 by Fr. Frédéric Manns, OFM
salvation-is-from-the-jewsFaced with the "already here" of the Church, Israel is the witness of the "not yet". The Jewish people and the Christian people are thus in a situation of mutual imitation. Christians rejoice in the "already here", while the Jews remember the "not...

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25/08/2014 Avner Boskey
morphing-the-face-of-jihadFor dyed-in-the-wool jihadi warriors, an asymmetrical approach to warfare with Israel - one which results in many Gazan civilian casualties - is actually a gateway to religious merit and reward. This is not a cycle of violence, or simply a deep animosity between Isaac and...
19/03/2014 Paddy Monaghan
the-vatican-against-israel-a-catholic-response In his book "The Vatican against Israel - J'accuse," Giulio Meotti does a major injustice to the Catholic Church regarding its relationships with the Jewish people and Israel, approaching the topic from a position of bias against the Church.   
16/09/2013 Lisa Palmieri-Billig
romes-chief-rabbi-commends-pope-francis-on-judaism-commentsGod has never stopped believing in the alliance made with Israel and that, through the terrible trials of these past centuries, the Jews have kept their faith in God. And for this, we will never be grateful enough to them, as the Church, but also as humanity at large.
11/11/2012 Malcolm Lowe
gary-burge-not-sent-by-heavenWhile most Evangelical Protestants are generally friendly to the Jewish people and the State of Israel, there is a small band of Evangelical pastors and professors who want to line up all Evangelicals unilaterally on the Palestinian side. The most egregious example may be...
22/09/2012 Richard Reinhardt
the-jewish-holidays-holy-week-a-the-ascensionThe four holidays of this coming holiday season correspond to the events of Holy Week and the Ascension. They are a figure of the great salvific events which mark the last days of Jesus’ human presence in this world.  The Christian Jew participates in those saving events,...
29/04/2012 Catholics for Israel
jesus-and-mary-on-israel-and-the-middle-east-iii"Do not take your eyes off of Israel, because I never remove mine from the people who gave me birth.  Nor do I remove my protecting hand.  However, now they are surrounded by enemies, far stronger than any described in the bible, and they are deciding what needs to be...
24/04/2012 Aviva Lori, Haaretz
the-catholic-priest-who-discovered-he-was-a-jewJacob Weksler was raised a Catholic and became a priest. He later learned he was Jewish and came to Israel, where he found ultra-Orthodox relatives, a mixed welcome at a kibbutz ulpan and a confrontation with the Law of Return.

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